A nice app called Meerkat was launched a couple of weeks ago. It very simply allows people to live stream video from their phone on Twitter. I’ve tried it once & like the few before me I just wandered around the office doing a tour. I didn’t really expect much to happen but an ex colleague who lives in the US started watching. I encouraged few of the team to wave hello and he was able to tweet a few hello’s back.  For a minute or so a large chunk of the office were pulling silly faces and waving to a guy they hadn’t seen in a while.

The serendipitous experience delivered a small moment of magic; a big reason why so many of us love technology.

I guess the early days of Meerkat will be geeks and kids not doing much of any note at all but it’s not much of a leap to expect brands sponsoring ‘Meerkats’ (if that’s what the bite sized streams are called) at sports or entertainment events.

Social apps spring up all of the time but this one feels a bit special.




About alan king

I have been learning digital media since 2000. All thoughts are my own and have nothing to do with my company.
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