A Familiar Formula


I’ve been on holiday for a couple of weeks. I have been back for a week and haven’t had much chance to go through the backlog of sales email until this afternoon.

In the past half an hour I’ve opened up 3 sales decks  from ‘prospecting’ networks with amazing data and despite the logos and subtle differences of the data they use to target the hottest prospects on the web; they are all exactly the same.

They begin by stating that there is lots of ‘big data’ in the marketplace but no one has data as good as theirs or have technology good enough to identify the right prospect at the right time. Each of these companies will be good enough to guide the agency through this murky world should we choose them as the prefered media partner.

If we try our hardest not to be cynical; at least two of these companies must be wrong if we believe their opening gambits.

They then talk about the uniqueness of their data / tech for 4 or 5 slides before moving on to scale. x billion requests, x million users etc.

There are then a couple of wooly slides explaining how well it all works, each deck has slide saying 6x, 4.5x or 4x greater conversion rate than the average (at no point is the average ever specified). One states that targets are outperformed by 90%, another than we can achieve ROI of up to 19x. There are no case studies.

Next we get onto the slide where everything is brand safe in a number of ways from blocking to iframes to viewability.

Now we could buy separate campaigns from all of these companies; have no control over reach and frequency and no chance of delivering sequential or truly dynamic advertising.

On the other hand; we could use our own trading desk with access to first party and 60-odd third party data sets to build robust audience profiles, manage R&F, sequential, dynamic, optimise in real time and dovetail alongside other digital tactics we are running.

Just a thought.


About alan king

I have been learning digital media since 2000. All thoughts are my own and have nothing to do with my company.
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